Interview in Belgium: rescuing refugees

It’s been nearly a year since LaV and I made the journey to Europe, fulfilling our seven-year dream to travel abroad. While in Belgium, we visited Janée Angel, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship personnel, who works with refugees and asylum seekers from Syria and other countries in conflict. I interviewed her about her work and wrote an article for the Fellowship magazine about her response to the refugee crisis.


Angel will rescue family members and 78 other Christian Syrians. To help:

For Angel, the crisis wasn’t just “those people over there.” It involves her family.

She’s married to Hary, a native of Syria, and they have two young daughters. Hary still has 20 family members trapped in Syria, waiting to be granted safe passage and reunited with him in Belgium. Through Angel’s work with Gave Veste, a Christian nonprofit, she will be able to help 90 Syrian Christians escape. This includes several members of her family.

“Every step has to be organized, planned and prepared for,” Angel said. “There has to be a welcome once they get here. They have lived through hell for years, and are worthy of rest and peace.

The cost of rescuing 90 lives is valued at $79,000. The process will be slow as Angel receives the necessary funds. CBF has pledged $20,000, leaving almost $60,000 to raise. Janée and Gave Veste will bring Syrian families to Belgium in small groups as soon as funds are received. A gift will make an immediate difference.

It’s not often we have the chance to be on the right side of history, when instead of being bystanders, we can take action. For 90 men, women and children, this will offer a chance  to be free from terror.

You can donate here. Read Angel’s personal blog.


After years of hell, Syrian children deserve peace and rest. To help:


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