Tiny house update: framing!

Since I last wrote, we had a few minor setbacks in stabilizing the trailer. First, the springs I bought were a little too short, but the next size up were too big. Thankfully, my neighbor offered to fix it at his shop so it would fit correctly. Until we stabilized the base, it would be hard to start building.


When I visited my parent’s house last weekend, Dad had found an interior door and windows (for free!) and ordered wood which was delivered Saturday morning. We got up around 7 a.m. to finish stabilizing the trailer before the lumber arrived. We put down the rest of the base wood which I secured using screws, nuts and washers.


Once the lumber arrived, my cousin David helped us lay the flooring which we secured using a staple gun, hammers, nails and a screw driver. My friend from high school David also helped screw in a few nails and my best friend LaV and cousin Audrey documented the project while offering water and moral support.


Once we finished the floor, we began framing. We measured the pieces of wood which are called studs and spaced them evenly to make a wall. Dad cut the wood to size and created the jack studs, smaller wood pieces that hold up things like windows. We were able to build the long wall of the side of the house along with the smaller wall toward the back of the home. After building the longest wall, we ended up taking a foot off the top because Dad wanted the roof to look more like a cottage rather than a modern style which would come with higher walls. The framing should be finished soon, and we can start on the siding and then move to roofing.


It’s an exciting process. I’m learning so much, but still feel like I can’t do enough to help my father. I’m hopeful as I become comfortable with the tools, he’ll allow me take on more challenging roles. It’s difficult with the commute from Austin to Corsicana, but I’m still optimistic we can get this thing finished by early fall.


We went over the plans earlier and one of my favorite features is the writing desk under a large window.


I’m so grateful for the support of my friends, neighbors and family members. Of course, the largest thanks goes to my dad. Without him, I would never be able to finish this project or even know where to begin. He’s giving up his time and work opportunities to help me. I know even if I don’t live in a tiny home for the rest of my life, I’ll look back on this project and remember how great it was to work with him.

File_002 (1)IMG_2104


4 thoughts on “Tiny house update: framing!

    1. Yes, I definitely know what you mean. I’m talking to a few communities around where I live as well as some RV parks. Best of luck on your home!!

  1. Yay!! Wanted to ask about this, but got sidetracked…how great to have a superdad like yours to lead you through…kind of like our Heavenly One who only gives us tools as we need them!! Thanks Ashleigh!!

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