Tiny house: start to finish

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Photo by Alex Bugg


Photo by Alex Bugg


Photo by Alex Bugg


Photo by Alex Bugg


Photo by Adrian Gandara


Photo by Adrian Gandara

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project including my neighbors Tiffany and Tom Eaton, De’Renda Phillips, Nancy Franklin, David Lee and Elena Bugg, Richard Tate, Chuck Braun and many others. Thanks to the friends who helped build: David Eversole and David Orenday, and to those who came to the Tiny Open House and gave sweet gifts: the McCrackens, the Granthams, Aunt Joyce, Aunt Kedron, Beverly, Cousin Dolores, Laura Knight, the Solises, the Alexanders, the Thomas family and my neighbors and their families. Thanks to those who documented the project: Alex Bugg, Adrian Gandara, LaVonna Phillips, Terin Thomas and Audrey Orenday.

Thanks to those who left positive comments in person and via social media and to my coworkers and company who allowed me to disappear for three months while staying encouraging.

A special thanks to Sharon Bugg for her cheerfulness, selfie-game and mini-solo cups.

And of course, all the credit goes to Eric Bugg, who masterminded this plan, executed it beautifully, put up with me for eight months and did all the work. Thanks for everything you do, Dad. I love you.

I must say a final thank you to my late grandparents, Anna and Charles Williams. Not only did they help raise me, but it was with the funds they left in their will that I was able to begin this project. This house is memory of them.

Thanks for all your support, come visit soon and look out for the Tiny Open House in Austin in April!


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